Medical Improvement Expected

Workers that become disabled could be eligible to receive benefits under a program known as Social Security Disability (SSD). Certain family members of a disabled person might also be eligible. Those who receive this usually have paid into this program for a number of years by working and paying taxes. Disabilities should be permanent or last at least a year. Those who apply should have a Social Security Number and all employment and medical records that are obtainable. It will take around five months for you to hear back from the SSA about your disability claim.

Everyone who is awarded SSD benefits is placed in a certain category of health status, depending on the disability. Those who are awarded benefits and are placed into the Medical Improvement Expected (MIE) category have been determined to have a temporary disability and are expected to recover shortly. These beneficiaries will be evaluated again within 12 months to three years of being awarded their benefits. SSA will use the evaluation to determine if the disability has improved.

The benefits will discontinue if an applicant has improved enough to be eligible to work again.

The benefits will continue if you have not improved enough and there will be another evaluation in another one to three years. If your condition worsens, evaluations will take place after a longer period of time, typically every three or seven years.

Although anyone can apply independently for SSDI benefits, it is generally better to consult with an attorney. Attorneys can give clients the best chances of getting a favorable result. Anything that will help the claim, such as witnesses and evidence, will be easier to obtain. Also, clients have a very good chance of being prepared for any potential questions during a hearing. Above all this, an attorney can help their clients to understand what the stages are in applying for SSDI. They can also ask questions and address concerns.