If an individual is illiterate, then he or she is unable to read or write. That is a real disadvantage when you are searching for employment.

Illiteracy itself doesn’t qualify for disability benefits, but if you don’t qualify for disability using medical criteria, so you are using the medical-vocational allowance to be approved, you might qualify with the help of illiteracy being used in conjunction with your age and your residual functional capacity (RFC).

Illiteracy and Work

When everything is taken into consideration together, it would be more difficult to help you find gainful employment.

If you have worked in the past and paid in to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), but you became unable to work because of a medical condition, it would be more challenging to find a job if you were illiterate.

If you are older, such as past age 50 or so, the Social Security Administration will consider how your age might limit your ability to quickly learn, so you could read and write effectively.

Considering your age, your limited work skills from having done the same job for years, and your illiteracy, it might be more obvious that you are unable to work.

Consult With A Disability Attorney

With the help of a Social Security Disability attorney, you can gather up all the supporting documentation to support your claim. The disability attorney will file your claim and file any necessary appeals if your claim is denied.

Your attorney can represent you at the hearing before an administrative law judge, if necessary. Get your free case review today.