Appeal (Appeal Rights)

If the SSA denied your claim for Social Security disability benefits, you have the right to appeal that decision and fight further for disability benefits. There are four stages to the appeal process. You may be approved (or denied again) at any stage:

The Stages of a Social Security Appeal

There are four appeal stages you may enter when fighting for a disability approval. Each step in the process is different.

  • Reconsideration--this is where you ask the SSA to re-assess your claim after you're initially denied.
  • Hearing--this is where most claimants are approved. You present your case in front of an ALJ, or Administrative Law Judge.
  • Appeal Council--if your claim is denied at the hearing, you can ask the SSA to either uphold or overturn the ALJ's decision.
  • Federal Court--your final chance for approval is in Federal Court, with an attorney at your side.

Why Appeal a Claim?

You should always appeal a claim until the hearing stage, as most claimants are approved in their hearing. You can also submit new medical evidence throughout the claims process, which is very beneficial to your claim if your condition worsens.

It is not advisable to appeal a claim beyond the hearing stage, as you cannot submit any new medical evidence regarding your case. These claims are very hard to win.

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