Functional Limitations for Cancer

Anyone with a functional limitation due to having been diagnosed with cancer may have an opportunity to receive a Social Security disability benefit. A functional limitation occurs if you are unable to participate in tasks that are needed to live a normal life including driving a car, completing tasks in the home and engagement in employment.
The symptoms of cancer may include unexplained weight loss, fatigue, fever, unusual bleeding and sores that won’t heal. This can make it difficult to do any sort of job like heavy lifting, driving a delivery van and nursing.

Qualifying For Disability Benefits with a Functional Limitation

The Social Security Administration (SSA) Blue Book listing for cancer includes skin cancer (Listing 13.03), leukemia (Listing 13.06), breast cancer (Listing 13.10), and lung cancer (Listing 13.14). For anyone who does not meet the requirements found under the Blue Book listing, the SSA has made available the medical vocational allowance.

This is specific to you and your job. You will be assessed based on your functional limitations and your skills to determine if you are able to work despite the cancer diagnosis or if you are still young enough to learn new skills

What to Expect When Applying For SSD with a Medical Vocational Allowance

If you have found out that the only way you may qualify for social security disability benefits is to meet the requirements for the medical vocational allowance, you will asked to provide the results of a residual functional capacity test (RFC) that your doctor will be required to perform.

When you are participating in this test you are expected to undertake both physical and mental tests and you may be asked to lift a 40 lb weight, take an eyesight test and have your mental ability assessed which shows how long you are able to concentrate on a specific task. The SSA will assess your medical and work history and calculate how long your cancer is likely to persist and whether you can still use other skills which would allow you to work in another job.

Functional Limitations for Cancer

Next Steps to Take

The next step to take is gathering together all of the documentation you have been asked to provide, which should include work history and medical records which confirms you are unable to work for at least 12 months with cancer. Your doctor’s most current medical report may assist your application as well. There are several tests which help to determine the presence of cancer like urine and blood tests. One is a biopsy which takes place when your doctor collects cell samples for testing in the lab.

A Disability Attorney May Increase Your Chances of Success

Filing a claim for SSD using the medical vocational allowance offered by the SSA for a cancer diagnosis is never easy to win. However, a disability attorney can work on your behalf to win the claim you deserve for your cancer diagnosis. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation above today!

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