Filing a Disability Claim in Kentucky

If you live in Kentucky and you are unable to work and earn a living, you can apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA offers disability benefits to disabled workers across the country just so long as they have supporting medical evidence and will be unable to work for at least a year.

These benefits are paid monthly, and the funds can be used to help with medical care and basic living expenses. If you are disabled, disability benefits can have a significant financial impact on your life.

Disability Benefits in Kentucky

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in Kentucky is a federal program, so it is offered to those in every state. You can file for disability benefits at your local field office. There are 27 field offices spread across the State of Kentucky. Offices are in Ashland, Henderson, Hazard, Jackson, Hopkinsville, Lexington, Louisville, Madisonville, Mayfield, Bowling Green, Campbellsville, Danville, Corbin, Elizabethtown, Frankfort, Florence, Harlan, and other communities.

Kentucky Disability Claim Statistics

The approval rate for disability claims in Kentucky is 50% compared to a 46% national approval rate. About 29% of disability claims in Kentucky are approved during the initial review, which is lower than the 35% national average. The highest chance for approval is at the hearing level, at which 53.4 percent of claims being approved when they reach the administrative law hearing level and a judge rules on the claim. Currently, it takes an average of 16 months to get a hearing date set when your claim advances to that level.

About 950,000 Kentuckians receive disability benefits from the SSA. In Kentucky, the average monthly benefits are $805 for a single individual and $1,200 for a disabled person who is married and has either one or two children who are dependents.

Denied Disability Claims in Kentucky

Since 71% of disability claims in Kentucky are denied during the initial review, 71% are denied and you must ask for the claim to advance to the next level, so you do not have to start the claims process all over. During the reconsideration process, only 8% percent of claims are approved in Kentucky compared to 13% nationally.

At the hearing level, your claim is more likely to be approved if you have supporting evidence. About 50% of all Kentucky disability claims are approved. After you file a disability claim in Kentucky, your field representative will determine if you are technically eligible for disability. They will then forward your claim to Disability Determination Services (DDS), which is a state agency. The disability examiner will review your claim and make sure your supporting evidence supports your disability claim.

Your treating physician can complete a residual functional capacity (RFC) form, which details what you can and cannot do physically, mentally, and emotionally. After reviewing the RFC, the disability examiner or administrative law judge should be able to determine the severity of your condition and determine if you can work and if you can work, what kind of job you can do.

There are two Offices of Disability Determination Services in Kentucky. One is in Frankfort and the other in Louisville. The Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review, which oversee administrative law hearings, are in Lexington, Louisville, Middlesboro, and Paducah. Each office is assigned to a specific region. Where you live in Kentucky will determine where your hearing will be held within the state.

Help Filing for Disability Benefits in Kentucky

A disability attorney may be a real asset to your disability claim. A lawyer can be familiar with the process and can review your file to determine if you need additional medical records or if your physician should include additional details that confirms the severity of your condition. An attorney can make sure your claim packet is completed in detail and accurately and will make sure all the medical records to support your claim have been included in your file for review.

Be sure to make sure you have all your documentation in order before your get your claim underway. If you are not sure what evidence is needed, ask a disability lawyer. If your claim advances to a hearing level, an attorney can represent you at the hearing.

Your lawyer will also get you prepared for the questions that you will answer during the hearing process. If you are ready to apply for disability benefits, complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to share details with an independent, participating attorney who subscribes to the website.

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