Will a RFC Form Help Me Qualify for Disability Benefits?

If you are unable to work due to a disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will still need to know what type of work you may still be able to do, both physically and mentally. If you plan to submit an application for Social Security Disability benefits, you should be familiar with the role of the residual functional capacity form (RFC).

This is an assessment completed by a physician after conducting some tests which determines the limits of your ability to take part in work despite your disability. This includes the work you can still do, how much you can work, and for how long. The RFC does just that. The results of the assessment may also confirm that your disability prevents you from taking part in any type of work.

What is a RFC Form?

The residual functional capacity form is completed by a physician who carries out certain tests that disability benefits applicants are required to take part in. It is one of the ways the SSA evaluates a disability claim. The assessment tests both the physical and mental capacity of the participant. It asks the person to take part in physical activities that require some degree of exertion such as lifting objects, standing and sitting for certain periods of time. Additionally, participants are monitored to see if they experience any pain when taking part in these physical activities.

Non-exertive activities are also assessed, and the results are filled in on the RFC form.

These include:

  • limitations when stooping, crawling, crouching or climbing;
  • the reaction to being exposed to extreme temperatures, dust, sunlight or fumes.

The RFC assessment also tests mental abilities such as the following:

  • ability to concentrate;
  • ability to understand, remember and follow instructions;
  • ability to follow a routine without special supervision being required;
  • ability to respond in the expected way to a supervisor’s criticisms;
  • ability to perform tasks to a tight schedule;
  • ability to make simple decisions and judgments;
  • ability to pay attention and concentrate for long periods of time;
  • ability to interact in the expected manner with members of the public;
  • ability to get along with coworkers or peers without causing a distraction.

How Do I Fill Out a RFC Form?

You will need to make an appointment with your doctor, and he or she will complete the RFC form for you after performing the required physical and mental examination.

Will the Form Help Me Qualify?

In the early stages of an application for disability benefits if the doctor completing the RFC form determines that your disability prevents you from working then this should help you qualify for disability benefits. If the doctor determines that your disability does not prevent you from working, then taking part in the tests won’t be of much help.

Get Connected With a Social Security Attorney

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