How can I increase my chances of winning my SSDI/SSI claim?

Anyone who has a disabling condition should be able to quickly access medical care and Social Security disability benefits, but the government is a bureaucracy, and as such, things do not happen that quickly.

The system does not operate in a way that would benefit disabled adults and children as speedily as it could.

Know That Most Cases Are Initially Denied

Most Social Security disability and SSI claims are denied at the initial level of the claim. This is usually a non-medical denial, and many people who are claiming that they deserve Social Security disability or SSI funds will have to pursue their case up to or further than the ALJ hearing level in order to get the benefits they deserve.

Seek Legal Advice

You will be able to face the levels of appeals and the endless paperwork more easily if you hire a disability attorney or advocate who can help you make sense of the long process of attaining Social Security disability benefits.

He or she can help you to find out whether your personal physicians will be supporting your case and by making sure that they complete detailed statements which explain why they feel you are unable to work.

Your attorney or representative will ensure that the medical records you file are the most current records available when you file your initial claim and each time you appeal. You will want to fully cooperate with the Disabilities Examiner who is working on your case.

If you receive notices or letters, respond to them promptly, and show up for any medical exams that the Disability Examiner schedules.

How can I increase my chances of winning my SSDI/SSI claim?

How An Attorney Can Help

Have your advocate or attorney keep tabs on the status of your Social Security disability claim.

The 1-800 number of the main Social Security office will often have information that is not correct, and your attorney or representative will know the correct places to find out the status of your claim.

They will also be able to advise you on how to respond to notifications and how to stay on top of your disability claim.

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