How Severe Does My Breast Cancer Have To Be To Get SSD?

The Social Security Administration (SSA), which is the federal agency responsible for awarding disability benefits for breast cancer, has hundreds of conditions that qualify for disability benefits, but it is important for an applicant to remember that their breast cancer must be severe in order to qualify.

If you are dealing with a medical condition that has you out of work, you may qualify if you are unlikely to return to work for at least 12 months from the diagnosis for breast cancer.

Blue Book Listing for Breast Cancer

The severity of your breast cancer will need to meet the Blue Book listing. Some of the symptoms associated with breast cancer may include the following:

  • swelling or discomfort in the armpit;
  • changes to the nipple like a change in shape, crusting, a sore or an ulcer, redness, unusual discharge, or a nipple that turns inwards;
  • changes to the breast’s skin such as the appearance of an indentation, rash, scaly appearance or unusual redness;
  • a lump in one breast;
  • a change in the shape or size of a breast.

Any pain or discomfort caused by breast cancer can affect the daily life of the victim.

There are a number of diagnostic tests for breast cancer which include the following:

  • biopsy when a small amount of sample cells or tissue is removed from the breast;
  • mammogram;
  • MRI scan;
  • physical examination by your doctor;
  • ultrasound.

Breast cancer is listed under Section 13.10 of the Blue Book. Additionally, if you have a sarcoma of the breast, you may be evaluated under section 13.04. Also, the Blue Book states if you experience secondary lymphedema caused by any cancer treatment, and it needs surgery, you will qualify for a disability benefit for 12 months from your surgery.

How Severe Does My Breast Cancer Have To Be To Get Disability Benefits?

Applying for Disability Benefits with Breast Cancer

When filing an application for disability benefits for breast cancer you need to know that 2/3 of initial applications are denied. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • technical problems with an application;
  • a disqualification based on insufficient medical information.

If you work with an attorney he or she can help you understand the SSA’s designated conditions and related medical requirements and your status with your diagnosis for breast cancer regarding those.

How a Disabling Medical Condition May Affect You and Your Family

When diagnosed with a disabling condition like breast cancer it can be hard for you and your family and you have to face the following on a daily basis:

  • suffering mentally and emotionally because of your health condition caused by the breast cancer;
  • feeling unable to engage in many – if not all – activities that once brought you joy;
  • feeling excessive stress stemming from your disability caused by breast cancer and the financial pressure it may impose on you all;
  • falling short in providing the income your family needs to survive and thrive;
  • being unable to do seemingly basic life tasks without help;
  • being in a constant state of financial strain.

Next Steps

Because it is never easy to win disability benefits for breast cancer you should consider asking a disability attorney to work on your behalf. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation above to get in touch with an independent, participating attorney who subscribes to the website.

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