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April Is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month

Submitted by rsg on Thu, 03/30/2023 - 19:29

April is esophageal cancer awareness month. Even though esophageal cancer is considered to be a rare cancer it affects almost 4 in every 100,000 people. If you have esophageal cancer and can’t work any longer you can apply for Social Security disability benefits.

The money from disability benefits can help you pay for living expenses like housing, food, and utilities or for medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. If you have worked before but can’t work now and you expect that you won’t be able to work for at least a year you can apply for disability benefits.

What Benefits Can You Claim If You Are Disabled?

Submitted by Elizabeth on Tue, 03/28/2023 - 13:05

Are you unable to work due to a disability? If so, you may qualify for disability benefits.

However, you might not know which disability benefits program serves your needs. If this is the case for you, keep reading to learn more. This overview provides essential information about the main benefits for people with disabilities in the United States.

What Cancer Qualifies For Disability Benefits?

Submitted by Elizabeth on Thu, 03/23/2023 - 17:43

Many different cancers qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The main requirement to qualify for disability with cancer is that the cancer diagnosis will prevent you from working for at least the next 12 months. Section 13.00 in the SSA’s Blue Book lists approximately 30 different types of cancer that can qualify for disability. These cancers range from skin cancer to cancers where the origin is not known.

Do You Get Extra Money from Social Security Disability for Being a Veteran?

Submitted by Elizabeth on Fri, 02/17/2023 - 12:04

Veterans can qualify for both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Veteran (VA) disability benefits at the same time. You will not get more for being a veteran, but you will not get less either. As a veteran, you might be eligible to receive several benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) depending on your circumstances, but it is quite common for veterans to receive VA disability benefits as well as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.