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Social Security Funds Projected to Be Depleted In 25 Years

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A recently-released report from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Medicare Board of Trustees paints a grim picture regarding the future of Social Security benefits. Based upon current projections, the trust funds which provide the basis for payments to Social Security beneficiaries will be completely exhausted by 2036. As a result, millions of Americans whose retirement plans include payments from Social Security will be left with nothing.

Family indicted in Seattle for fake mental disability claims

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Nine people in and around the Seattle, WA area have been indicted on charges that they fraudulently obtained Social Security payments. Among the group’s tactics have been filing claims for apparently non-existent mental health issues and receiving benefits under fake identities. The total bill to the American taxpayers was in excess of $700,000.

SSA Webinars now in session

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It used to be that if you wanted to get information, particularly information regarding government programs, you likely had to drive to the nearest branch office (which was likely not near enough to be convenient), wait in line, and ask several different people the same question (usually phrased a number of different ways) before you got anything that even remotely resembled assistance. And if the information you needed was to be delivered via a seminar, it meant that you had to carve time out of your schedule.Thankfully, those days are gone.