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The Role of Your Doctor in Your Disability Benefits Claim

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When applying for disability benefits, medical evidence is crucial for substantiating the claim. Doctors must provide comprehensive documentation supporting the patient's inability to work due to a disabling condition. This evidence typically includes medical records detailing the diagnosis, treatment history, and prognosis.

What to Do If You Physically Cannot Work

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If you have become physically or mentally disabled due to an injury or illness and cannot work anymore, even if you think you might get better in the future, you may be able to obtain disability benefit payments. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides benefits payments to disabled people who cannot work for at least 12 months, but the application process is quite lengthy and often frustrating. To help you with the application process for social security disability benefits read on below for useful information about the process.

Do You Have To Look ‘Disabled’ To Qualify For Disability?

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The Social Security Administration acknowledges that disabilities impact people differently and present themselves in different ways. They know that some disabilities are invisible. Because of this they use the Blue Book and the requirements that are listed in the Blue Book to evaluate disabilities rather than going by a visual inspection. It doesn’t matter if your disability is visible or invisible. What matters to the SSA is the medical evidence that you provide with your claim.