What You Need to Know Before Applying with Osteoarthritis

It often starts as a dull pain that goes away by taking a couple of aspirin. Eventually, the pain morphs into a debilitating condition that wreaks havoc on every aspect of someone’s life. Afflicting millions of people all over the world, osteoarthritis develops when the protective cartilage that provides cushion for the body’s bones begins to wear down. Many medical professionals compare the development of osteoarthritis to the wearing down of the pads that protect a vehicle’s brakes from damage.

Osteoarthritis can develop on any joint, although the common healthcare issue most frequently affects the hands and knees. Although the symptoms of osteoarthritis are relatively easy to manage, the damage to the joints cannot be repaired. This means that workers that suffer from osteoarthritis have a difficult time maintaining a level of performance that they were accustomed to before the development of the joint injury. Professionals that work in highly physical jobs find it nearly

Work with a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury lawyers do much more than represent clients in accident cases. They also help sufferers from debilitating diseases and injuries receive compensation from the SSDI program. By hiring a state licensed personal injury lawyer, you work with an advocate that stays on top of your SSDI application. A phone call from you might convince an SSA representative to look into the status of your SSDI application, but a phone call from an attorney gets the job done quickly.

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