Social Security Appeals By State

Has your Social Security disability claim been denied? If so, you're not alone--nearly 70% of initial application are denied benefits. Fortunately, there is a thorough appeals process available for you if your claim was denied.

How Do I Appeal My Claim?

There are a few steps to the appeals process. The first is the Reconsiderations stage. This is where you simply ask the SSA to review your claim again. Unfortunately, only 15% of Reconsideration requests are approved.

The next step of the appeals process is a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This is your chance to defend your claim in court. About 50% of claimants are approved at their hearings, so this is where your odds of approval are at their highest.

How Do Claims Vary By State?

Social Security disability is a federally-run program, so much of the process is the same across states. There are a few differences that may make a big difference in your claim, however.

All Social Security disability hearings are held at an Office of Disability Adjunction and Review (ODAR). Different ODAR offices have different approval rates--some states have significantly more claimants approved than others. States also have different wait times for hearings, depending on how many ALJs are available and how many applicants a state has.

Work With an Attorney

If you need help appealing your Social Security disability denial, work with a Social Security attorney or advocate today. An attorney can help defend your claim in court and increase your odds of approval.

Here is a little more information on working with an attorney in your home state: