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Appointing a Social Security Disability Advocate or Attorney

Applying for Social Security Disability is no easy task. It is often emotionally and mentally exhausting. For some people, having an appointed Social Security Disability Advocate on board gives them the peace of mind they need to help them through the lengthy process.

How Can Children Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or representative for a child living with a disability, the disability application process can seem daunting. This overview, will help you understand if your child is eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits.

What Happens When the Social Security Administration Denies Your Disability Claim?

No one likes to hear that they have been denied Social Security Disability benefits. However, you can’t take the refusal as a personal attack. The fact is that over 60% of first time claims with the Social Security Administration get denied.

There are many reasons why your claim could be denied, but most of the time it is because the right information is not provided on the application. In this case you can file for a “request for reconsideration,” which is essentially an appeal against the decision to reject your initial application for disability benefits.

Can Your Social Security Disability Benefits Be Reversed?

Many people who are approved for Social Security Benefits assume that the battle is over when their Social Security Disability claim is approved. The question is, can Social Security Disability benefits be taken away once awarded, or will they automatically continue until retirement age is reached?

Choosing a Social Security Disability Lawyer or Advocate

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be a challenging process. Currently there are more than 1.3 million people in queue, waiting for an approval of their award. What most don’t know is that this process can average between two to four years.

Can You Earn Money While on Social Security Disability?

Many people are under the notion that people who are on Social Security Disability are not allowed to earn any money at all. I have, in fact, known disabled people who were even afraid to sell some of their used items on eBay for fear that it would actually put their Social Security Disability income at risk. Are these fears founded? Are the people who receive Social Security Disability benefits prevented from receiving any income other than what their Social Security Disability income provides?


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